Who We Are.

We are New Chapters. A community eagerly engaged in God’s call to care for the fatherless (James 1:27). A group of people committed to championing efforts to care for orphans locally and abroad, partnering with families that choose foster care and adoption, and journeying with foster and adoptive children. At New Chapters, we are intentional about entering and embracing the story of orphan care.


What We Do.

We love. We support foster and adoptive families by connecting them to friends and professional resources. We fight for post adoptive care services. We gather monthly as adults and as families. We inspire foster and adoptive children to be proud of their story and meet other families that look like theirs. We raise money so that we can give adoption grants, post adoptive service grants, and encouragement to those in the trenches. At New Chapters, we act.

Why We’re Unique.

We’re real. We get it. We’re doing it, and we see God in the storm of the story. We provide adoptive and foster families with acceptance and reassurance, while pointing to something bigger. We believe that the trauma of adoption and foster care is just the prologue of God’s narrative. At New Chapters, we choose to walk alongside families with hope.

Orphan Care Looks A Lot Like You.